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Everyone has an inspiration in their life, who they look up to and follow rigorously. We call them our ‘icons’. Our bold & beautiful cover-star this month is one such personality.

Vaishnavi Boora is a fitness & fashion icon, online trainer, a fit mom to an eight-year-old son, and a very loving wife!

For me, it was first-sight adoration when I heard her journey, full of hard work, and a never-give-up iron will.

Here is an exclusive conversation she had with me, Gitanjali Mangal, Content Head, Krunch Today.


Vaishnavi, everyone faces a lot of challenges in their life. What did you face while getting into fitness?

It has been 8 years now that I am into fitness and in this entire eight-year journey, I have come across many challenges, but it was my goal to overcome these challenges because once upon a time I was extremely overweight. I was 85 Kgs plus and at that time I wanted to gain back my confidence. I had never decided to take up fitness as my profession but I shared my journey with the world through social media and people accepted it very well, and that is how it kept going. Now, I train online and I have a good set of online clientele.

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