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A fitness and fashion influencer with unfaltering passion exhibiting life changing experience for thousands

With complexities increasing off the hook, the challenge to stay fit is a top priority of the modern-day lifestyle. More so the times of pandemic has just added more to our dilemma. Yet, even in such dark days, staying fit is not gender-specific. Rather, it can never be!

As crucial it is for men, health is equally a priority for women. But is it followed the same? Women have always encountered endless stigmas related to their health and body. Our society marks no borders in body-shaming women. They are made to believe that they are not good enough. The lack of confidence, self-belief becomes highly questionable.

The same was for Vaishnavi Boora- a mother of a 9-year-old son. Vaishnavi a strong, determined individual with passion and zeal has successfully passed the journey of shame and guilt. An influencer, an athlete, and a certified fitness coach now, Vaishnavi is overcoming her shortcomings every day due to her unwavering belief in herself. A charismatic and self-determined individual, Vaishnavi has turned her faith all because she believed she could.

Her story can be traced to her pregnancy days. This was in 2011 when Vaishnavi was happily expecting her new addition to her family. Like many women, she was no exception and had gained weight during the course. Though the journey of pregnancy was thrilling and indeed incredible, the postpartum period shares its perks. Her weight was almost 85kgs post-pregnancy, and it was an unimaginable encounter to overcome.


Born in a typical middle-class family, Vaishnavi has also faced the typical discrimination where sports accessible only for men. Raised with limited means, Vaishnavi had to also let go of many desires. She had a job but couldn’t sustain it post her marriage.


Post her delivery, Vaishnavi could not focus on herself. She was caught between her kid, family commitments, and an unhealthy lifestyle. She lacked the time and self-commitment that had taken the last row in her reminder list. She says, “My increasing body weight and fat led me to depression. This is when I realized that the only person who could me was – MYSELF. I had to take charge of myself. I have to fight and hop onto this difficult journey to yet again get healthy, confident, and fit.”


Strong-willed she stepped into the gym. It was her first day and she looked at herself in the mirror and broke down crying. She couldn’t believe how she looked. She felt miserable! Yet she was stubborn-headed and decided that her goal was to lose the excessive baby weight and get back in shape. She adds, “ Those days I was ashamed to go out. People insulted me. They were rude and harsh to my condition. Their voice stuck to my head and it went on repeatedly in my head all day long. Then I knew, this was my journey and no one other than me could do it for me. I started working out, lifting weights and paid extra attention to my diet. The transformation was unbelievable. My outlook changed completely.”


She further adds, “In the process, I learned transformation starts from within and through self-love. For me, fitness was an attempt to get back to my lost shape & confidence. Life wasn’t easy, but I knew I had to do it no matter what. I still face challenges every day, but I never QUIT.”


It was at this moment of revelation, she realized how other women suffer similarly. While postpartum depression is common, it is aggravated due to their negligence. Women tend to forget themselves. They do not have even an hour in the day for themselves. Lack of self-love leads to a dejected life.


Vaishnavi added, “Starting as a fitness coach in 2012, I met clients (women) who were looking forward to a change. They wanted to alter the experience and shred every inch of extra weight to become fit. But, they were restricted from their families who asked why they needed to go to the gym? Why do you need to lose weight? This made me all the more realize why women needed it. I was steadfast to this journey for myself and aim to influence other women with a firm believe that we can do it. We shall do it not for others but for ourselves.”


Vaishnavi endeavours to continue this journey and bring a change in lifestyle for millions of people. She believes fitness is a necessity for the present modern lifestyle, and one should focus on an evolving and emerging lifestyle change. Fitness should be a part of everyone’s daily chores. However, with fitness, it is imperative to drive a healthy lifestyle by eating right. A well-balanced diet and a consistent workout regime can be a life-changing experience.


As she is influencing thousands with her fitness journey, Vaishnavi is also a fashionista and is equally popular for her contemporary fashion sensibility. She is regarded highly for her knowledge and fashion taste influencing hundreds with conviction.


Vaishnavi says, “I get Goosebumps as I reflect on all my struggles and how I have overcome them. All the doubt, discomfort, and fear that I swallowed have got me here. I have no destination. My purpose is always to grow and create an impact on peoples’ life. Even when things get hard, QUITTING is never an option for me. My mantra is when you are driven by passion, quitting isn’t even an option. This keeps me going always.”


An ardent and committed woman, Vaishnavi Boora has been fighting her fears and struggles to break all stereotypes of society. She has been working towards a healthy and fit lifestyle to never turn back and is here to influence others for their well-being.

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